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Jeepney Business: How to become a Jeepney driver

With the hardships of life and the stiffness of competition to get a decent job, some may have wondered how to become a Jeepney driver. In this article, we will provide all the Jeepney driver information including a jeepney driver job description, Jeepney driver income, the Jeepney boundary system and how to find Jeepneys for sale with franchise.

How to become a Jeepney driver?

Do you want to be a Jeepney driver? This job is great! You will work without a boss because you are the boss in your own Jeepney! However, it is also difficult to drive ten hours a day especially if your line has a lot of traffic.

A Jeepney driver job description

While working as a Jeepney driver, the biggest challenge is to focus on traffic while driving many hours every day. There are difficult traffic situations and narrow spaces you have to maneuver through. You also need a clear view of the passengers entering and leaving to collect the fare, unless you have a helper inside your Jeepney that takes care of this. Besides all this, you may need to aquire some basic mechanic skills as your Jeepney may break down, expecially if you are driving an older one.

What does a Jeepney driver’s work include?

  • You hold money and accept money while driving.
  • You should be alert to non-payers.
  • You have to be a good driver and stay focused for many hours.
  • You need at least some basic mechanic skills.

How to start a Jeepney business?

First of all, you need money to buy a Jeepney with franchise. If you are going to get a new Jeepney with installment, you need to calculate carefully if you can afford the monthly payments. Another payment to consider is the Jeepney boundary rate.

What is the Jeepney boundary rate?

The jeepney boundary rate depends on where you operate your jeepney. There are places where Jeepney operators are asked for a P700.00 daily boundary. In smaller cities it is usally a bit less.

When starting your Jeepney business, getting a Jeepney franchise is the most expensive aside from buying the Jeepney. The franchise is available by applying to the LTFRB office that covers your area. When you apply for a Jeepney franchise, you will be told exactly what the Jeepney franchise cost.

You may also look for a Jeepney for sale with franchise. There are Jeepney manufacturers who sell brand new passenger Jeepneys that already come with a franchise. Double AA Motor Works for example sells brand new Jeepneys with franchise for routes in Manila.

How much does a Jeepney driver earn?

Being a Jeepney driver is a wonderful experience. But besides this tedious job, you need to make sure you get enough passengers every day to have your expenses paid so you can really earn for yourself and your family. It is difficult to estimate the exact amounts for income and expenses as there are many different circumstances when driving a Jeepney, but let’s make a little calculation:

Let’s say you have 40 passengers per hour at P8.00 each, you earn P320.00 per hour. If you drive 10 hours, you will earn P3200 per day.

The Jeepney consumes 1 Liter of Diesel every about 4.5 Kilometers. If you drive 90 Kilometers, you use 20 Liters per day. You will spend around 1000 Pesos for Diesel daily.

How much does a Jeepney driver have in the pocket every day? Approximately P1500 if Diesel and boundary costs are deducted! If you drive 30 days a month, you will earn P45,000 monthly!

However, you may ask a local Jeepney driver to get a better overview on the situation in your specific city.

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